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    The next ATBH conference will be held in 2016 hosted in Oxford, UK. Topics include values-based Interprofessional practice and education. The event will be hosted by the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University with CAIPE. Early bird registration is now open. Do join us for what promises to be a most enjoyable event.

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The Coordinating Committee

Each of the member networks is represented by a nominee on the World Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Co-ordinating Committee (WCC).


The WCC adopts the CAIPE definition of IPE, stated as:
Interprofessional Education occurs when two or more professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care

The WCC also adopts the WHO Framework definition of collaborative practice, stated as:
Collaborative practice occurs when multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds provide comprehensive services by working with patients, their families, carers, and communities to deliver the highest quality of care across settings. (WHO, 2010, p. 13). 


Our aims are to:

  1. Promote, support and sustain networks of interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice (CP), and to establish and maintain communication between them
  2. Define and coordinate values, principles, and concepts of IPE and CP, and coordinate the promotion of these values, principles, and concepts
  3. Promote knowledge about interprofessional practice and education worldwide, by publicizing, listing, disseminating, and referring to significant publications (research-based and policy-based)
  4. Actively work with other world associations and organizations with regard to human health and education (e.g., WHO, UNESCO, worldwide professional bodies), to promote interprofessional practice and education
  5. Promote and support the organisation of the biennial ATBH (All Together Better Health) conference series and select conference hosts through a fair and transparent process.

WCC-ATBH  Aims, Management and Administration  - March 2016

> Download the WCC Aims, Management and administration Documentation (PDF 136KB)



Membership of the WCC for 2014 to 2017

Richard Gray (CAIPE Chair) was previously President of the General Practice with Primary Health Care Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. He is an Honorary Faculty Fellow, University of Brighton. He previously was an Associate Dean for Postgraduate General Practice Medical Education, and Principal Lecturer in Primary Care at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.
PhotoErik Vestergaard (Nipnet) is a physiotherapist, has a Master of Health Studies and Humanities and is Coordinator of Interprofessional Practice at Lillebaelt Hospital, Denmark. Erik manages IPP courses in Teamwork, Patients' voice and collaboration between Health Professionals.

André Vyt (EIPEN) is associate professor at Artevelde University College (Health Care and Teacher Education) and Ghent University (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences). He co-edited and and authored books on human behaviour in health care, teaching, competence assessment, quality management, distance teaching, and IPE. He has been selected as an expert for more than 50 national and international auditing commissions of higher education programmes.
Hideomi Watanabe MD, PhD. (JAIPE & JIPWEN) is Professor of Graduate School of Health Sciences and Director of Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education (WHO Collaborating Centre), Gunma University. His research focuses on the effects of interprofessional education from global, national and institutional points of view.
Marion Helme PhD MBA (Convenor) is the Convenor/Secretary of the WCC and elected board member of CAIPE. Her professional background is in social work as practitioner, manager, educator and researcher. She has worked for the UK Higher Education Academy based at King’s College London, managing a series of national IPE projects in the UK and eight other EU countries. She is honorary fellow of St George’s London and Kingston Universities and is currently involved in work concerning transitions in an ageing society.
Mark Earnest, MD, PhD, FACP (AIHC) is a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Health Science Center and serves as the Head of the Division of General Internal Medicine in the Department of Medicine. From 2009-2015 he served as Director of Interprofessional Education (IPE) for the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. His academic and research interests have included adaptation to chronic illness, health policy (access to care and workforce development), professionalism, and interprofessional education.    
Ruby Grymonpre (CIHC)
Marion Jones (AIPPEN)

Administration and Coordination

CAIPE provides the WCC with its organisational and administrative base convened and chaired by Professor Hugh Barr 2012 to 2014 followed by Dr Marion Helme.

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